Saturday, January 10, 2009

What are we waiting for?

So, I've been thinking lately, that we are at a point in our existence (humanity as a whole) where change is inevitable. I mean, human beings are defined by the constant change of society, nature, everything. With everything going on in the world, something is going to happen, and we're all sitting at the edge of our seats waiting for it to happen. What are we waiting for?

That is the ultimate question: WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?
I'm so sick of people talking about change and doing nothing about it. I believe fully in the concept of internal change, and that feeding off into society. I don't believe change comes from top down, but from bottom up. (or rather the internal to the external) But the people on the bottom (such as myself) are so preoccupied in waiting for change, that it doesn't happen. We're distracted by the fact that we think someone is going to make that change for us... The question: 'what are we waiting for?' isn't a question of literally 'what' but 'why are we waiting?'.

My answer is, as simple and straight forward as it may be, we are scared. Change is unexpected in our daily routines, yet people wait for it anxiously, expecting someone else to take care of that change, to do it for us. But aren't the most successful struggles won through a grassroots efforts. When individuals took it upon themselves, and made the struggle their own. Living your life to the utmost best of your ability. You know the Golden Rule, giving your brother/neighbor what you want for yourself. In the Quran, God says 'God does not change a people, until they change what is within themselves'

With the issues of Palestine, Iraq, Kashmir, Kosovo.... and yes America ( we always try and reflect on the problems... And silently promise that our leadership will change for the better... But who are our leaders? Our leaders are a REFLECTION of their constituents (i.e. us)! If we do nothing, they do nothing. If we aren't concerned, they aren't concerned... Why is it possible for pre-war torn Iraq, that Saddam Hussein was able to almost eliminate illiteracy for some time, but in the United States, illiteracy rates are undeniably high. We need to vocalize our concerns, we need to live by our own standards... We can't expect others to be the 'ideal men/women' of soceity, when we can't even conceptualize ourselves in those roles.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this... although the world is at a point where it can go one way or the other... The reality is, we can direct the world the way we want it to go, if we just internalize the change. If we want justice to prevail, then we need to be just. If we want peace, then we need to be peaceful. If we want sincerity, then we need to be sincere. If we want others to help us, we need to be helping others. and it works the other way too....

Because we are self absorbed, countries/people all over the world are self-absorbed. Because we want what is best for us, people fight for what is best for themselves. Because we are preoccupied with money, people are preoccupied with money. Because we think we're better than other people, people think they are better than us. Because we stake a claim, people will question our claims and stake their own. In our society, we are in a battle of wills. (yes very nietzscheian/freudian/hobbesian) It isn't about going off on a limb and helping people, it's about having our own power, our own control, our own property. It isn't about society... it's about me.

That is our problem. When we lose our selfishness, then we have hope for society to become just. Sure this might sound totally idealistic.... but the reality is... the world is a reflection of who we are and what we make it.... my question is this...
If we want change, and it's bound to happen, what are we waiting for? Why are we waiting? We should be scared of giving up some of ourselves for the better of society. I'm talking about pooling resources.... actually i'm talking about pooling justice, peace, security, faith, and sense of community at large. If we give up a little portion of ourselves, collectively, we get a society that we want.

So... What are we waiting for?