Thursday, August 19, 2010

who controls you??

Good Morning,
Instead of doing the much needed, much procrastinated, research that I have to do today, I am on my blogspot writing this post... I AM TICKED! Really, annoyed by something that hasn't to do with me a bit, but when I saw it, it makes me furious:

Girl on facebook "<3" as status
Boy on facebook "who's the lucky man?"

WHAT THE HECK!!!! WHY IS IT THAT GUYS SEEM TO DICTATE OUR HAPPINESS!!! Really, truly, unequivocally that's a load of poop!

(okay, girls stink too sometimes, because they essentially do the same exact things)

Our happiness comes from discovering our selves, through discovering our God. Now, I'm not talking about solely the Islamic perspective or other monotheistic perspectives, but in general. People who find out who they truly are, and their place in the world are the most happy. Now, why is it AUTOMATICALLY assumed that when a girl has <3 as her status, it is referring to a guy in some way or another...

For me, it most likely is referring to a type of food, a friend, or a state of mind. And that's exactly what's wrong with us today... WHERE ARE OUR MINDS???

They are constantly tied to the 'other sex' (well, sometimes it's the same-sex, but that's beyond the point). I mean really, is it because we have no true understanding of who we are, and what our purpose in life is? I mean, I understand that sex is essentially for procreation and whatever, but why can't we see beyond it?

Now-a-day, pre-teen girls are getting pregnant, pre-teen boys are fathering children, and they have no comprehension of responsibility... Furthermore, they barely have any true role-models, because all the older people '20's-30's' are similarly pre-occupied....

We really need to change the way we think... We need to be true to ourselves... Sure, Freud and Erickson have some interesting theories about child development and sex, but we really really need to focus on ourselves and not the other.

Now, that may sound selfish.... but it's the truth.

It comes down to: Who controls you (your mind)? boys? girls? sex-drives? Because, now a day, it seems like those 3 options (boys, girls, sex-drives) are the leading issues... and that shouldn't be the case. How is society going to progress if people are so focused on carnal desires?

My question is this:

Who are you? What makes you, you? and What's your goal in life, other than like 'going to heaven and so forth'?

Me, I am a human being. I am me because I truly believe in being myself and no one else... My goal in life is to help harness the strengths of other individuals around me, help eradicate their weaknesses, and help them discover the power of their minds and influence. Finally, help them realize the 'other' perspective and the need for empathy in order to move the world forward.


Friday, August 13, 2010


Happy Ramadan o.O
It is officially the 3rd day of the month of ramadan. A month in which muslims all over the globe fast from dawn to sunset. Basically, we eat, drink, and consume nothing during that time. There are other aspects, where we try and be a bit more spiritual, we work towards becoming better individuals... essentially it's FAITH boot camp.

Enough about the dry facts, now to the emotional kicking and screaming....
The only sucky aspect about living in the united states (or any predominately not muslim country)is that we have to go on with our normal lives... Work, school, gym, sports, and so forth. I will never forget playing basketball while fasting... oh the dehydration... I live off of Gatorade and similar sports drinks all during 'non-fasting hours'.

Overseas, LITERALLY, everything is closed ALL DAY and open ALL NIGHT. Now, I don't think that's exactly a good idea, because I mean, seriously? Shopping at 3am? But it does get convenient... Literally, people just stay at home all day and do nothing. Now, I wonder, doesn't that abuse the concept of Ramadan....? Isn't ramadan about doing everything you're supposed to be doing with extra prayers and fasting on top... I feel like overseas they've deconstructed the whole concept of ramadan... It's like, who cares that the concept of the day is for the living... :x

But sunset over seas is sooo much earlier!!! I just found out that in Saudi people break their fast at 6:20pm!!! THAT'S 2 HOURS AND 20 MINUTES BEFORE US IN MICHIGAN! Given, though, that Michiganders are at the end of the time zone... :x

Although, dawn does come in earlier overseas, I'd rather take earlier dawn that later sunset... come on now... eat... sleep... wake up at a normal time like 8am... rather than... still wake up at 8am and fast an extra hour...

Anyway, I was just thinking about the fact that maybe we just need to let things go, and literally just ride the waves. Live life, do what we do, and throw the rest up to God. God's got our back.

So why stress that menial things of life. Why focus on the unimportant details. Lately, I feel like "poopers, people have no clue"... People are so preoccupied about things that really, have no true value. I feel like we need to go back to our roots and realize, that as social beings, we need to be there for one another. We need to focus on developing each other and helping each other to attain what you may call 'enlightenment' 'nirvana' 'peace' 'tranquility'... but really, what I call, 'true happiness'.

So this month, ramadan, I ask you... ask yourself the question, and be honest to yourself (and if you want to post it to me ;) ) what truly makes you happy. If you think the answer may change by tomorrow, then maybe you should write it down and watch the trend of happiness change... Is happiness something that is triggered by a constant thing or is it by temporary things.

Today: What truly makes me happy? Well, it's a tough question.. But at the moment, I'd say: seeing my friends together and supporting one another makes me really happy... that and... TWIZZLERS!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quran Burning. hate.

Peace all,
So, it took me about a week to get my mind wrapped around this Quran burning event thing.

If you don't know anything about it, check this out.

At first I was pissed. I mean, 1.5 billion muslims are pissed, and maybe just as many non-muslims. But then I realized, it is not anger that I feel. But something akin to regret. How have we, as a human race, got to this point of ignorance?

I do understand that there are a handful of people who instigate problems. These problems have major repercussions. The ripple effect caused by the few is like an amplifier on steroids with the current media. We're bombarded left and right, up and down, and everything in between, with what to think, what to do, who to blame and so forth.

And I think back to 9-11. Unfortunately, many people lost their lives because of the horrendous actions of a few. But what the muslim community (and those who may 'look' muslim but are not) have faced is almost as bad. We have indoctrinated muslim Americans to feel like they did cause 9/11. Like their faith was to blame. Till this day, I feel guilt for something I never condoned, never contributed to, and would never in my life support. (If you've met me, you'd know how much of a peace-loving hippie I am).

So, back to the topic at hand. Regret.
Why do I feel regret about the Gainsville, FL church burning the Qurans? It is because we have, like the 9/11 indoctrinations of guilt, indoctrinated our people with hate. We no longer encourage empathy and understanding, but hate and conflict. We blame others for our problems, and lash out like children. We think of politics, and automatically we think of warfare. What happened to nurturing wo/mankind to 'do onto others what you wish for yourself'. So, what is this Gainsville religious leader encouraging? Every other faith, except his denomination of Christianity to burn bibles? No! Of course not!!!
Why burn Qurans, when you can teach people to read? Why burn Qurans, when you can build schools and community centers? Why fuel the people with hate, rather than love? Why teach people how to disrespect others, and in turn disrespect themselves.

So, yes. I feel regret. That our country is plagued with a disease called hate. Why did we not see this coming? What medical preventive measures could we have taken in order to nurture a healthy populace rather than a disease-ridden one?

I wish we could invest in the mental health of our people. We really need to analyze ourselves, just as frequently as we would check up with our PCP.

I ask, that anyone who may have read this post to eradicate hate with empathy, love and understanding. Please learn to practice these three qualities, even at the most basic of interactions. It takes one-on-one action to change the condition of people.

Also, check this out: 'National Don't Burn a Quran, Read a Bible' Day.

Monday, August 2, 2010



There is just so much I can talk/type about, but I'm not in the mood.

I mean, I can discuss how the whole Quran Burning thing on 9/11 is such a load of BS, and that it is exactly such mentalities that perpetuate hate, discontent, misunderstanding, and conflict.

I can talk about the Michigan oil spill and how our country really needs to get it's act together, and find an alternative environmentally friendly fuel.

I can ramble on and on about how Justin Bieber, the singer, you know, who hasn't hit puberty yet, wants to write a memoir... "first step 2 forever." are you kidding me???? what kind of tacky pooper name is that? and Who really cares what he's done in his 'oh so lengthy' life? Really now, can't he just blog like everyone... but that's besides the point...

I can talk about Obama's Iraq withdrawal plan


The 2.5 million people in pakistan being affected by these insane floods

or even

Russia's State of Emergency over wildfires

But really, what I want to talk about is this feeling of Nostalgia that I've been experiencing.

Lately, I feel like nostalgic of things I've never even experienced. Like I'll think... that makes me nostalgic, but I have no idea what the thing is, nor why I feel that way. It's like some sort of memory teases my senses, but doesn't fully manifest. I am left with this fleeting emotion that tickles my mind, attempting to wring some sort of happening from my thoughts. But, alas, those experiences are absent. Those feelings are being drawn out of air. I have no idea where this nostalgia is coming from, nor to what it is being directed towards.

I hope I am still sane.

Has this every happened to you?
Something similar? Something totally different?