Friday, December 17, 2010

feline to feline

Good Morning...
So, my brother brought home a cat about 3-4 weeks ago. He did so after the whole house was asleep, and we awoke to a new family member. At first we thought he was insane, but then I remembered how probably 12-13 years ago, my sister and I did the same... But that cat, Hurayra (which in arabic just means cat) left home... never to return. Well, our new cat, her name is Dora is 3 years old and a Bengal cat (i think).. I know nothing about cat breeding, but according to my brother it's some sort of pure breed thing going on... like I care about breeding? As long as it has hair and it's furry, who gives a flying toothache??

Anyway, so in the beginning, she avoided us like the plague. In fact, she was so scared, she hid out in places that took us forever to find her. Now, she's grown to recognize us as her housemates... no, not owners, but housemates... Clearly, she has a will of her own. Anyway, her name is Dora, because she's a very curious cat... So curious, in fact, that she paws at my bedroom door, just so she can explore my bedroom, which is closed all week long. Well, the reason for that is because, well, yes, you've guessed it, I'm ALLERGIC to cats. And my genius of a brother loves to torture me with cuteness. So, well in the beginning everything was okay. The cat would stay out of my way, and run scared of her new housemates. Now, though, she's a bit too affectionate. She came up to me, and is currently sitting on my arms as a type this message, rubbing her face into my face. Okay. This is scary because now, my face is itching like HECK! and two, I'm afraid that she has some sort of mite or something, because she always scratches herself, over the norm (we've had tons of cats in our past, trust me, it's more than normal). So, after a minute of cuddling with me, my eyes automatically puffed up... my nose is running. And i've sneeze quite a bit over the necessary. She has never done this before, but she licked my nose.. Yes... my nose... I mean seriously, come on now, you know that you make me sick... literally.... :X

So, what is a person to do, to say, feline to feline??? Should I take the 'GET AWAY FROM ME YOU ALLERGY INDUCING MONSTER!!!' or should I 'cuddle her with love and affection' that she is so desperately seeking out. I don't know. I just can't not love her. She started playing with my headphones, sniffing my laptop, sniffing me, sniffing my coffee, licked my cellphone, rubbed her face on my water bottle, took a nap on my bed, sat on my chair.... Soon enough she'll be eating out of my plate.... But I think she recognizes who takes care of her... since I vacuum the house, clean her litter, fill up her water bowl, fill up her food dish, show her some patient love and affection, play with her, and let her follow me around the house. Right now, she's sitting on the kitchen table grooming herself.... The kitchen table that I wiped down like 10 minutes ago.... the same kitchen table that will need a repeated scrubbing since the cat walked all over it...

(This is the closest picture I could find on google that represented Dora well... I am currently cameraless)

Come on now, what's the big deal? Cat's are clean??? No big deal... Except our cat apparently likes to sit in the sink.... I've also caught her in the toilet bowl twice.... I reported once and withheld the information the second time. But, I can't help myself... I love the weird little thing. Maybe she's the perfect addition to my overly eccentric family. How could we manage to get a normal cat, when everyone is so unique in my family already...?

Anyway, this was my random long awaited post...

If you are bored and lonely... maybe you can become a cat woman, like me... Okay well it's not really my cat, but my brother's, but still.... Share a little affection with someone, whether it's a sibling, a parent, a loved one, or a pet... Share that affection at least once a day, and you're mood will always be YAYish. :D