Monday, October 29, 2007

On "Overboard" By Elizabeth Fama

I planned to do my summaries/reviews on like political, philosopical, and religious texts... more like educational... but i guess i'm throwing in some novels too.

Overboard, is about a Bostonian girl name Emily Slake who lives in Indonesia because her parents work for an organization called the World Physicians for Children (WPC). At some point, Emily gets really frustrated in this hot and 3rd world country, and runs away by boarding a ferry to meet her uncle in a nearby island. On the way, the ferry sinks, and Emily ends up swimming all night to save her life, and along the way she meets this Muslim Indonesian boy named Isman. And together they swim to in search of land.

It was wicked good. I don't know if i was on some sort of an emotional high while reading it, but i was bawling at some point... which is very unusual for me... :x

I'd highly recommend the book to anyone wanting to read something short and worth it.

Okay, well then. Salam. Peace :D

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runaway said...

wow this book sounds really good