Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gas prices fall? will political support as well?

It is an amazing phenomena when gas prices fall beneath the $2/gallon range. I mean, I almost cried when I filled my tank at $19 yesterday (and yes it was completely empty). But then something in my head triggered, somewhat of a conspiracy theory, but I couldn't help myself. I mean, the last time gas was under $2 a gallon was about 2 maybe 3 years ago. And a couple of months before the elections they're at $4.50 (more or less), what's going on here?!
I thought about it... I realized that Bush, as he's passing on the presidential torch, is trying to stake a claim. I have a theory, that once the symbolic torch is passed to Obama, give or take a few months, gas prices will rise...
(yes, i know there are other factors to gas prices dropping or rising, but i'm holding all those other factors constant for the sake of this theory)
I honestly don't know what will happen, but I have this feeling that as soon as Obama steps into the white house, maybe a toe through the threshold of a door, gas prices will sky rocket, and people will associate it with him. I hope that's not the case... but enh, what's one gonna do?

I mean, what do I believe in? Honestly, I'm for higher taxes, you know pooled resources to make a better society... but not when the taxes are used for warfare. I mean, sure, you can build better buildings and repave streets, but I'm for a system that collects taxes and allocates it to places that truly need it... That truly need development. I mean, why can't tax collection be used to create jobs?! (you know, rather than taking them away). Okay, I'll stop about the taxes thing, but really... don't be too surprised when gas prices go up... (hopefully it won't, but that's wishful thinking)... why can't we just go green...?

I wish detroit wasn't so far away... if it wasn't, i'd just ride my bike (well my brothers bike) to work/school everyday... hmmmm... maybe when the weather is warm again, I'll just depend on the bike... at least that way, i'll build some much needed muscle, you know, healthier lifestyle.
So, lets all turn to bike riding during the warmer seasons :) (i did do it a couple times to work... and well, i guess showing up at work a bit sweaty isn't that great, but i mean, show up early and get a change of clothes... you'll be fine)

well i managed to get distracted yet again...

by the by, i was in boston last week... and every time i go, it's like a stab past my spinal cord and into my chest... I feel like my greatest loss there was an amazing public transportation system... (sorry friends, but i value a big metallic tube-ish automotive over you). I hope metro-detroit adopts a well coordinated bus and train system. One day, i'll dedicate a whole post just on the pros (and cons) of public transportation. :)

anyway PEACE \\//

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