Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mission... UN-accomplished

So... the day before yesterday... I was at meijer... wandering... and I found these amazing shoes for $10!!! and I was like THEY ARE PERFECT!

So, if you know me... I'm not a shopper really... but at the same time.. I am a BARGAIN shopper to the max... like I don't spend more than like $10 on anything unless... I *gasp* really want them... and yesterday... I was like boooyaa!! meijer has shoes that are perfect for me... about one inch heels, black, simple, yet sexy... perfect for when I have to go to all those girl parties while i'm in syria...

and yesterday, I went back to buy them... I mean.. there were multiple pairs... and ALAS!!! there were none... :( so... me and ruby went from store to store looking for shoes... we spent almost 4 hours looking for shoes... and I mean honestly... I can run for 7 miles... but if you want me to go shopping i burn out soooo fast.. it's not even funny...

So.. we came home shoeless... :( mission left unaccomplished...

Now... I have like a couple more stores in our area before I venture to the mall...
1) kohls
2) famous footwear

okay... well... i'm done blogging at the moment...
I think we're just gonna go to the mall after breakfast... (yes I slept over ruby's house... the week my thesis is do... sigh. i am pathetic)

\\// PEACE

2:49pm!!!!!!! SAME DAYYY!!!

Okay I'm back!! I bought a pair of sneakers ($9)!!! Wicked Cute!! Also, a pair of nice, simple black flats with a little ribbon weaved through them ($14)!! I bought two wicked cute, elegant, yet simple skirts, one shiny black ($3) and the other blue , white and black ($4), and a very nice sweater thing ($2) (what are they called, the really thin material, but it's like a button up).. from Kohls... and to think.. I was telling ruby how I really didn't want to go, cuz I never end up wanting to go.

And how much did I spend on all of this?? about $32... bargain shopping all the way!! Alhamdullilah!! (thank God!)

\\// PEACE!
-reem, yet again

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PerplxinTexan♥ said...

You've been to my blog before, it looked alot different but, I remember you're old page used to have the pen at the top and all.

Also: Random thought you vaguely resemble my friend Iman from MI