Sunday, November 22, 2009

when i'm 30, iA

So, I just came across (or was encouraged to read... however put):
which is essentially a list of things a friend wants to do before the time she's 30 years old.... She wrote this 4 years ago...
I decided, I'll make a list too... maybe in 8 years at least 1/10th would be completed...iA

1- To memorize the Quran with understanding
2- To finish one of my many novels, and actually get it published
3- To teach 5 people tajweed
4- To teach at Harvard University, Ancient Political Thought as well as Feminist Political Theory
5- To walk from Detroit to Boston
6- To go back packing in Europe
7- To learn french, german, spanish, urdu, persian, hebrew, and japanese. (at least to just speak)
8- To run 15 miles in one day
9- To spend a day without worries
10- To own a drink shop, and make EVERYTHING but in 'virgin'
11- To publish a poetry chap book
12- To get onto DEF Poetry
13- To learn how to 'TRULY' break dance
14- To marry a man who can supply me with a life time support of diet creme soda and twizzlers
15- to accept myself
16- to get an ijaza in memorization and tajweed
17- to run the boston/detroit marathon
18- to ride a horse, camel, and a mustang (the car)
19- to send out anonymous letters to all my loved ones now, in 8 years.
20- to record a spoken word CD
21- to learn how to perfect the art of Good rice
22- to keep in contact with my cousin in syria
23- to become a political analyst for BBC or Aljazeera
24- to translate a book of Nizar Qabani's Poetry into english
25- to go on a REAL cruise
26- to relearn history
27- to learn to FOCUS
28- to live by what I truly believe in
29- to truly believe in something without doubts or worries
30- to build some self esteem.

I know... wow... I wonder how much you learned about me.... :s

Anyway, that's about it...


Youthful Wisdom said...

I like the list.. especially number 10 =D and the anonymous letters...I'm trying to imagine how amazing it would feel to receive and read an anonymous letter.

Anonymous said...

Heeey... so pumped that you, too, have started a List. This seems to be catching on. Thanks for the shout out. What-what!


MarjnHomer said...

what is ijaza and to walk from detroit to boston, why? what are our novels about? you should've joined national novel writing month and see how that goes? let me knw

supreem said...

marjnhomer- an ijaza is a certificate in arabic. i love walking, and i mean i grew up in boston and now currently reside in detroit, and it just a pull i have. my novels, hmmmm one is a 'dystopia', one is about drug issues, one is magical, one is a political comedy.... i guess... lol.