Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lost in a desert in North Africa

If you have not noticed, then it's because of media silence... The voices of Egyptians have been heard, and you will see how much democratic potential was found there... but in Libya, and other nations, the voices have been neglected, lost, distorted, misheard. People are marching in the streets of their hometown, and being killed, abused, and hurt... Find it in your heart to respond to their call...
(this is a sincere and passion-filled, spur of the moment poem, without edit)


Lost in a desert in North Africa

I am 6 million strong
neglected and diluted by 6.9 billion others
my voice has been distorted by “the other”
to keep me into a state of servitude, slavery, under
control. Hundreds can die, but no one will know
because the media is being blasted with images
that show everything, but nothing
sensationalized, disconcerting
It hurts, when every family here
knows at least another family member or friend dead
streets can flood and flood, but for some reason, it floods red
the world is just color blind, waiting for order to come instead
of being part of the process, part of the movement
watching from afar, smitten with amusement
some hysterical, some disillusioned
hearing nothing, but white noise in music
While we rally and protest for freedom
One man’s control, obliterates all reason
all empathy, all hope for change
repressing a people, raping their fate
amputating souls, and massacring their faith
in a nation that can no longer be ours to claim
ravaging a house and calling it a home
kidnapping dreams, filling it will sorrow
But no... I am not hopeless,
I carry my home in this chest
and I will march on and march on
with the rest
I am 6 million strong
neglected and diluted by 6.9 billion others
and I am calling on you,
to stand by me, by your sisters and brothers.
Hear my voice, find me...
because I am lost
in a desert in North Africa
Hear my voice, find me....
I am not lost....

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Dua said...

Props mashAllah.