Monday, September 17, 2012

10 things you suffer from

I will just be jumping right in... No introduction, just this post...

10 Things You Will Suffer From Having Fallen In Love:

1) You get no work done... trust me... None, none what so ever. You start something, stare at it for like an hour, blush at something your loved one said... and then try and get back to work, realizing that 2 hours had passed since you first sat down to work.

2) You will be relentlessly teased. Not only by your loved one, if he/she is the teasing type.... but by your friends and family. Soon, you will walk around in a constant state of embarrassment... If one more person says something teasing towards you, you may or may not be responsible for throwing them in a lake...

3) You do not have enough clothes. At least if you are me. Suddenly, you realize, OH SNAP, I am a SCRUB. And you desperately try to look good for this one person in your life... when before, it didn't matter how much you loved your friends or family, you could persist to be a walking mismatch with them.

4) You may constantly start gasping for air. Yes, they were right... that stereotype, of being unable to breath. Its true. When Maroon 5 sang "Its getting Harder and Harder to breath" --> It does. Why, I don't know. All you know is that you have a flood of emotions wash over you, and you're drowning in it blissfully.

5) You can no longer turn to certain friends for advice. Yes, this may sound harsh. But it is without connotation, neither positive nor negative. It is a matter of fact. You suddenly realize that there are friends you can ask certain questions and others you cannot. Some who will sympathize with your worries, and some who will completely disregard your concerns. Some who will give you what you want to hear, and others who will give you what you need to hear. And there is no one person who can give you all those answers.

6) You do indeed... lose your appetite. My friends and I have discussed the scientific implications of this concept... But in short... expect, at least in the beginning stages to drop quite a bit of weight. For someone like me who has, quite frankly, a hefty appetite, well apparently with certain emotions I lose all ability to eat. In the last few weeks... I have dropped a total of 15 pounds... unhealthy, right? At least, I still hit the gym. Thats the good news... I don't want to be reduced to an empty sack of bones.... o.O

7) Your time is no longer your own. This is particular for serious relationships, at least, I am assuming so. A friend of mine told me this a couple of years ago, that the biggest change when she got married was that her time was no longer hers, alone. And I feel that 100%. No one has to tell you I want to see you at a certain time or be home at..., maybe it is just among women, maybe its both men and women... but when you are out and about without your loved one, you want to come back to them at the end of the day. You feel worried if you stay out too late without seeing them. I mean, really, 3 weeks ago, I would have come home at midnight and thought, well I hope mama and baba don't mind that I came home so late, enh its all good. But now its more of a, I need to be home! I need to be home! I need to be home! Just so I can make that one phone call!

8)Jealousy, in a good way, takes a hold of you. I can come off as not the most expressive person. Actually, people have told me "You are cold!" but that is because I am OVERLY expressive. I have learned from a young age to really really really control my emotions in public. So, you can pretty much say anything to me, and you may or may not see any change in my body language. So, when it comes to jealousy, I don't know what to think... since, well, I am discovering that it hurts. I am jealous of a cell phone, a water bottle, a car... not people, but things. God save us all. I pray my sanity is maintained. X_x

9) Internal dialogue. Okay, honestly though, I did this before. But now, its 10 times more frequent. I will undergo debates in my head, full on conversations involving said loved one. Throwing around emotions, hesitations, excitement, love, frustration, wants, needs, concerns, all of the above. Am I starting to sound crazy...? Now, I think I know why people say that love makes you crazy.

10) You discover something new every moment of interaction. You learn more about yourself than you do of your loved one.... So, then you start to feel jealous towards yourself, since you aren't learning enough about your loved one in comparison! Okay, that was a joke... maybe ;). Anyway, every moment is a new discovery. It could be tentative or full-blown epiphany. It could be a minute detail or a paradigm shift. My friends and family members who have been married for quite a while have repeatedly assured me that this continues to happen, up until the day you die. Not in as much frequency, per se. But you will continuously discover something new about you, your loved one, and the world we live in. I can't wait for 50 years from now (inshaAllah!/God Willing!) when I discover something I didn't know, despite knowing the person for half a century. That would be mind-blowing. At least for me. ^___^


Okay, that is my list of 10.... I could go on forever and ever. But I will control myself. A few people have asked me, When are you going to write a 'love poem'? Expecting that I would have, as a poet, pulled out a paper and a pen to record these emotions. I don't know when that poem will emerge, it may one day, it may never. So, all I have to offer to the world is this.

Enjoy it.


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