Wednesday, February 24, 2010

highlights from boston

Well, so you might know, that I was originally born and raised in Boston moved away from my hometown some 3 years ago. So, I went back for my cousin AS's wedding.
(I'll be using initials, just in case people don't like their names being thrown about on the internet).

So, my highlights were! (these are in no ranking order)

1- okay, okay, this might sound wrong... but playing with SG's snake.... and then scaring the crap out of KL & SR by waving it around their faces!
2- hanging out with MG, RAS, and AE in the MSA office :s
3- playing bball at boston bowl with SG, and getting half the amount of tickets... and just in spite of MG and RAS, I bought candy they didn't like with my tickets. :)
4- setting up the hall with AS and A(shoot I don't know his last name initial), for their wedding 4 hours later... and cracking stupid jokes, while eating tons of candy the entire time.
5- seeing AS in her BRIDAL GLORY! DAMN! SHE WAS HOT! MashaAllah!
6- meeting new people in Boston, who I couldn't believe I didn't know, because, I swear I thought I knew EVERYONE THERE!!!!
7- sleeping on MG's floor...
8- trash talking trash talkers from two feet away, just to piss them off. Sometimes people are so ridiculous
10- awkwardly meeting A's in-laws at their hotel rooms, and feel so oddly placed!!!!!
11- meeting FS's maaaaaaan! (well and AS's man too)
12- (okay, this is my #1, sorry guys!!!) SEEING FAB at FREAKING UMASS BOSTON AND SLOW MOTION RUNNING TO HER, like some movie scene, when lovers reunite!!!
13- seeing AE almost the whole weekend! when I NEVER SEE HER!!!!
14- checking out MI's hottness at AS's wedding ;)
15- telling a million and one people to go green!!! what is wrong with bostonians??? is it a michigan thing to be environmental???
16- copping 2 cups of wedding candy after all the guests left, muahahhahaha!!! (and I'm eating it right now :D )
17- meeting up with MM at the ISBCC's cafe... I MISS YOU GIRL!
18- going to SN and SK's apartment, and being loud annoying people there!
19- eating a million times a day on monday! Umass (breakfast), umass (lunch), prudential (lunch again and dinner), MG's place. & seeing HS!
20- having a <3 2 <3 with my pops during our one hour ride on his way home after AS's nikkah/katb al-kitab :)

Anyway, there is much more.... but those were the one's that make me crack up, smile, tear, and jump for joy...

Take care guys,
with much love.


Youthful Wisdom said...

subwayyyy! Why can't we have one here?? :(

supreem said...

i don't know... it would solve a lot of problems... i really need to dedicate a post on public transportation....