Sunday, March 7, 2010

when you're mad/angry/ticked ect

the top ten things to do when you're angry at someone, but cannot express that anger beyond a grunt or a twitch:

(in no specific order, but i'd probably do #2 first)

1- blog it (normally i don't do this.... but yeah)
2- run anywhere between 3-6 miles (or rigorously work out for about an hour or 2), depending on the amount of pressure you're trying to burn
3- sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4- go on a book reading fest....
5- sniff sharpies.... (trust me, it works to get rid of headaches!!)
6- go walking in nice weather (like today) with someone, and let that person unload their problems on you, because it helps you put things into perspective.
7- ignore the issue, by closing the metaphorical door on them. (which i don't recommend, unless it is a real door, and you don't slam it, it's all good.
8- do something really nice for the person.... like buy them chocolate, do the dishes, clean the house, i don't know, help with their homework (i wonder if you can guess who i'm currently angry at?)
9- avoid the person all day, don't cross paths, and if you do, don't make eye contact.... it lets both parties really think about the situation
10- try to think of a list of things that you could do to calm down :s

oh okay... i got one extra... LOL because i just realized i did it!!!! stare at that aforementioned door that is closed and make faces at it!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Dima sallat said...

another that works is writing a poem about how you feel helps most of the time.