Friday, August 13, 2010


Happy Ramadan o.O
It is officially the 3rd day of the month of ramadan. A month in which muslims all over the globe fast from dawn to sunset. Basically, we eat, drink, and consume nothing during that time. There are other aspects, where we try and be a bit more spiritual, we work towards becoming better individuals... essentially it's FAITH boot camp.

Enough about the dry facts, now to the emotional kicking and screaming....
The only sucky aspect about living in the united states (or any predominately not muslim country)is that we have to go on with our normal lives... Work, school, gym, sports, and so forth. I will never forget playing basketball while fasting... oh the dehydration... I live off of Gatorade and similar sports drinks all during 'non-fasting hours'.

Overseas, LITERALLY, everything is closed ALL DAY and open ALL NIGHT. Now, I don't think that's exactly a good idea, because I mean, seriously? Shopping at 3am? But it does get convenient... Literally, people just stay at home all day and do nothing. Now, I wonder, doesn't that abuse the concept of Ramadan....? Isn't ramadan about doing everything you're supposed to be doing with extra prayers and fasting on top... I feel like overseas they've deconstructed the whole concept of ramadan... It's like, who cares that the concept of the day is for the living... :x

But sunset over seas is sooo much earlier!!! I just found out that in Saudi people break their fast at 6:20pm!!! THAT'S 2 HOURS AND 20 MINUTES BEFORE US IN MICHIGAN! Given, though, that Michiganders are at the end of the time zone... :x

Although, dawn does come in earlier overseas, I'd rather take earlier dawn that later sunset... come on now... eat... sleep... wake up at a normal time like 8am... rather than... still wake up at 8am and fast an extra hour...

Anyway, I was just thinking about the fact that maybe we just need to let things go, and literally just ride the waves. Live life, do what we do, and throw the rest up to God. God's got our back.

So why stress that menial things of life. Why focus on the unimportant details. Lately, I feel like "poopers, people have no clue"... People are so preoccupied about things that really, have no true value. I feel like we need to go back to our roots and realize, that as social beings, we need to be there for one another. We need to focus on developing each other and helping each other to attain what you may call 'enlightenment' 'nirvana' 'peace' 'tranquility'... but really, what I call, 'true happiness'.

So this month, ramadan, I ask you... ask yourself the question, and be honest to yourself (and if you want to post it to me ;) ) what truly makes you happy. If you think the answer may change by tomorrow, then maybe you should write it down and watch the trend of happiness change... Is happiness something that is triggered by a constant thing or is it by temporary things.

Today: What truly makes me happy? Well, it's a tough question.. But at the moment, I'd say: seeing my friends together and supporting one another makes me really happy... that and... TWIZZLERS!



from the discombobulated mind of rouba said...

I am happy when I feel content. That means secure job, good grades, feeling healthier, looking good, and feeling loved. That's a lot :/

Aishah Salmah said...

I loved. I wish I could experience Ramadan overseas, it must be incredible to be surrounded by people who are going through the same feelings you are and you aren't bombarded with questions about it.
Ramadan mubarak!

controlled chaos said...

My cat and my niece.

And other random things like seeing people help each other. Meeting nice people. My mom. Food. People being understanding.

And about ramadan overseas, I don't thing even with everything being closed people do nothing at home. I mean look at our moms.

I think it should be a mix between a break like the one back home and our daily lives here.