Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quran Burning. hate.

Peace all,
So, it took me about a week to get my mind wrapped around this Quran burning event thing.

If you don't know anything about it, check this out.

At first I was pissed. I mean, 1.5 billion muslims are pissed, and maybe just as many non-muslims. But then I realized, it is not anger that I feel. But something akin to regret. How have we, as a human race, got to this point of ignorance?

I do understand that there are a handful of people who instigate problems. These problems have major repercussions. The ripple effect caused by the few is like an amplifier on steroids with the current media. We're bombarded left and right, up and down, and everything in between, with what to think, what to do, who to blame and so forth.

And I think back to 9-11. Unfortunately, many people lost their lives because of the horrendous actions of a few. But what the muslim community (and those who may 'look' muslim but are not) have faced is almost as bad. We have indoctrinated muslim Americans to feel like they did cause 9/11. Like their faith was to blame. Till this day, I feel guilt for something I never condoned, never contributed to, and would never in my life support. (If you've met me, you'd know how much of a peace-loving hippie I am).

So, back to the topic at hand. Regret.
Why do I feel regret about the Gainsville, FL church burning the Qurans? It is because we have, like the 9/11 indoctrinations of guilt, indoctrinated our people with hate. We no longer encourage empathy and understanding, but hate and conflict. We blame others for our problems, and lash out like children. We think of politics, and automatically we think of warfare. What happened to nurturing wo/mankind to 'do onto others what you wish for yourself'. So, what is this Gainsville religious leader encouraging? Every other faith, except his denomination of Christianity to burn bibles? No! Of course not!!!
Why burn Qurans, when you can teach people to read? Why burn Qurans, when you can build schools and community centers? Why fuel the people with hate, rather than love? Why teach people how to disrespect others, and in turn disrespect themselves.

So, yes. I feel regret. That our country is plagued with a disease called hate. Why did we not see this coming? What medical preventive measures could we have taken in order to nurture a healthy populace rather than a disease-ridden one?

I wish we could invest in the mental health of our people. We really need to analyze ourselves, just as frequently as we would check up with our PCP.

I ask, that anyone who may have read this post to eradicate hate with empathy, love and understanding. Please learn to practice these three qualities, even at the most basic of interactions. It takes one-on-one action to change the condition of people.

Also, check this out: 'National Don't Burn a Quran, Read a Bible' Day.


Mazen Mokhtar said...

Anger is often the easiest, laziest response. Sometimes it feels good to be angry. Education, compassion and understanding take much more effort, but only these qualities can hope to change feelings and minds.

Anonymous said...

Well said. It is sad that this event exists but refreshing to see how many people see clearly enough to know its wrong.

Kate said...

What a powerful post. I never thought about it in this way. I never thought about the daily long lasting effects of that day on the Muslim community. It must be an everyday battle you fight. I'm sorry for the ignorance of others.

from the discombobulated mind of rouba said...

If I had a job it'd teach love.