Thursday, August 19, 2010

who controls you??

Good Morning,
Instead of doing the much needed, much procrastinated, research that I have to do today, I am on my blogspot writing this post... I AM TICKED! Really, annoyed by something that hasn't to do with me a bit, but when I saw it, it makes me furious:

Girl on facebook "<3" as status
Boy on facebook "who's the lucky man?"

WHAT THE HECK!!!! WHY IS IT THAT GUYS SEEM TO DICTATE OUR HAPPINESS!!! Really, truly, unequivocally that's a load of poop!

(okay, girls stink too sometimes, because they essentially do the same exact things)

Our happiness comes from discovering our selves, through discovering our God. Now, I'm not talking about solely the Islamic perspective or other monotheistic perspectives, but in general. People who find out who they truly are, and their place in the world are the most happy. Now, why is it AUTOMATICALLY assumed that when a girl has <3 as her status, it is referring to a guy in some way or another...

For me, it most likely is referring to a type of food, a friend, or a state of mind. And that's exactly what's wrong with us today... WHERE ARE OUR MINDS???

They are constantly tied to the 'other sex' (well, sometimes it's the same-sex, but that's beyond the point). I mean really, is it because we have no true understanding of who we are, and what our purpose in life is? I mean, I understand that sex is essentially for procreation and whatever, but why can't we see beyond it?

Now-a-day, pre-teen girls are getting pregnant, pre-teen boys are fathering children, and they have no comprehension of responsibility... Furthermore, they barely have any true role-models, because all the older people '20's-30's' are similarly pre-occupied....

We really need to change the way we think... We need to be true to ourselves... Sure, Freud and Erickson have some interesting theories about child development and sex, but we really really need to focus on ourselves and not the other.

Now, that may sound selfish.... but it's the truth.

It comes down to: Who controls you (your mind)? boys? girls? sex-drives? Because, now a day, it seems like those 3 options (boys, girls, sex-drives) are the leading issues... and that shouldn't be the case. How is society going to progress if people are so focused on carnal desires?

My question is this:

Who are you? What makes you, you? and What's your goal in life, other than like 'going to heaven and so forth'?

Me, I am a human being. I am me because I truly believe in being myself and no one else... My goal in life is to help harness the strengths of other individuals around me, help eradicate their weaknesses, and help them discover the power of their minds and influence. Finally, help them realize the 'other' perspective and the need for empathy in order to move the world forward.



Anonymous said...

Well Said & it is nothing but the exact truth that you have now written out before others eyes to read and realize and snap back into reality and decide whether or not they will take the initiative to change it or remain the way they are...

supreem said...

anonymous- thanks for your support, I truly hope people will consider change.

Secretly Identified said...

So true! You also have to remember, though, that 'finding yourself' isn't always easy. Personally I know who I am, but I still don't know what my role should be in society,therefore, I don't fully understand myself yet. I completely agree with what you say and this is a problem in society, many believe that happiness is all related to others, but the truth is easier. Happiness is found no where beyond yourself. You have to find happiness within by doing what Allah commanded us and avoid what he told us to avoid.

I hope that all was understandable. :)

Kate said...


Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Thanks for your lovely comment; finding blogs randomly is a hobby of mine, because I get to stumble upon great blogs like yours!
And oh my gosh, you're spot-on about this issue.
In regards to your question:
I am Urooba. No seriously, I am so Urooba-ish, that you couldn't possibly mistake me for anyone else. As for my goals, well I still need to think about those, however, I am loving yours.
Salam! :)

Dima sallat said...

I like! So true!

Constructive Attitude said...

You are right on!