Monday, August 2, 2010



There is just so much I can talk/type about, but I'm not in the mood.

I mean, I can discuss how the whole Quran Burning thing on 9/11 is such a load of BS, and that it is exactly such mentalities that perpetuate hate, discontent, misunderstanding, and conflict.

I can talk about the Michigan oil spill and how our country really needs to get it's act together, and find an alternative environmentally friendly fuel.

I can ramble on and on about how Justin Bieber, the singer, you know, who hasn't hit puberty yet, wants to write a memoir... "first step 2 forever." are you kidding me???? what kind of tacky pooper name is that? and Who really cares what he's done in his 'oh so lengthy' life? Really now, can't he just blog like everyone... but that's besides the point...

I can talk about Obama's Iraq withdrawal plan


The 2.5 million people in pakistan being affected by these insane floods

or even

Russia's State of Emergency over wildfires

But really, what I want to talk about is this feeling of Nostalgia that I've been experiencing.

Lately, I feel like nostalgic of things I've never even experienced. Like I'll think... that makes me nostalgic, but I have no idea what the thing is, nor why I feel that way. It's like some sort of memory teases my senses, but doesn't fully manifest. I am left with this fleeting emotion that tickles my mind, attempting to wring some sort of happening from my thoughts. But, alas, those experiences are absent. Those feelings are being drawn out of air. I have no idea where this nostalgia is coming from, nor to what it is being directed towards.

I hope I am still sane.

Has this every happened to you?
Something similar? Something totally different?



Constructive Attitude said...

I have that feeling of nostalgia all the time. sometimes i wish it would just go away.

fatima said...

i like this post. i feel that sometimes. here's what i've found out it is:

hehe :-) though this is being written half-jokingly, it is just that - half a joke and half serious. the article's got some good insights and plenty of laughs.

also, i like the honesty in this post <3.

supreem said...

fatima- thanks for posting the article, it was really good.

sydwynd said...

Since you stopped by my place, I thought I'd stop by yours! I heard about the Quran burning story and I was saddened that people that profess to be Christians just don't get it. They make the rest of us look bad.

As far as nostalgia, at my age, everything is nostalgic. Especially when I see little kids wearing concert T-shirts from 20 years ago that I actually attended.

Meandu said...

I am not sure if this qualifies as nostalgia, but I sometimes have the feeling that I am not from this time period. For instance, when I visit a museum it is like I can almost here echoes from a past life and time.